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                                  FINDINGS OF FACT                                    
               The parties filed with the Court stipulations of fact and              
          accompanying exhibits.  The stipulated facts are found                      
          accordingly.  When the petition was filed, petitioner resided in            
          Westminister, California.                                                   
          1.  Petitioner                                                              
               Petitioner was born in or about 1949.  He graduated from               
          high school and completed approximately 2-1/2 years of further              
          education mostly in business administration and fire science.  He           
          has never taken an accounting or tax course.                                
               In 1972, petitioner began working as a firefighter for the             
          Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD).  He was promoted to captain             
          in 1986, and he held that position for 6 years.  In 1992, he                
          began working for the LAFD in its Internal Affairs Department.              
          In that capacity, he investigated suspect individuals who worked            
          for the fire department.                                                    
               Throughout the relevant years, petitioner has had limited              
          experience with cattle ranching.  He has worked sporadically on             
          some ranches branding and castrating cattle and bulls, and he has           
          occasionally helped a professional rodeo association set up and             
          run its rodeos.  He has never worked in a business office of a              
          cattle ranch, and he has no experience with cattle valuation.               

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