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          McKeown and his family decided to relocate to the Minneapolis               
          area so Mr. McKeown could work for NWA in Minneapolis.                      
               NWA sent layoff notices to some of its employees when it               
          experienced financial difficulties.  The employees receiving the            
          notices could either choose to accept the layoff or exercise                
          their seniority.  Seniority depended on the length of time an               
          employee had worked for NWA regardless of where the airline                 
          facility was located.  An employee with higher seniority could              
          exercise his or her seniority to bump an employee with less                 
          seniority and take that employee’s position.  The employee with             
          less seniority could then take the layoff or find another                   
          employee with less seniority to bump.  This seniority bumping               
          arrangement was in place across the country, so that an NWA                 
          mechanic looking to keep his or her job at NWA had to look at               
          several different cities to find a less senior employee to bump.            
          Most employees exercised their seniority in the way that would              
          give them positions in cities as close as possible to their                 
               Mr. McKeown received a bump notice in April 2003.  Mr.                 
          McKeown chose to exercise his seniority and bump another employee           
          rather than accept the layoff.  Mr. McKeown was first bumped to             
          Detroit, Michigan, effective on April 11, 2003.  Mr. McKeown was            
          then bumped again and took a position in Newark, New Jersey,                
          effective on April 25, 2003.  Mr. McKeown was bumped again and              

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