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          took a position at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New             
          York, effective on June 8, 2003.                                            
               Mr. McKeown received another bump notice on July 8, 2003,              
          and was laid off because he had no one else to bump.  Mr. McKeown           
          spoke to a manager in Newark who told him he would attempt to               
          recall Mr. McKeown to Newark.  Mr. McKeown was indeed recalled to           
          Newark and began working there later in July 2003.  Mr. McKeown             
          worked in Newark for the rest of the year.                                  
               Once Mr. McKeown was bumped or displaced from Minneapolis,             
          there was no job available for him to return to in Minneapolis.             
          Mr. McKeown hoped to be able to return to Minneapolis as soon as            
          there was an NWA job there that he had enough seniority to                  
          obtain.  The timing of a return to Minneapolis would depend on              
          NWA’s needs for mechanics in that city as well as the choices of            
          other mechanics also subject to the seniority system.                       
               Mr. McKeown and petitioner Cheryl McKeown (Mrs. McKeown)               
          decided that she and petitioners’ teenage daughter would remain             
          in the Minneapolis area while Mr. McKeown went to Detroit,                  
          Newark, and New York.  Petitioners did not want to uproot the               
          family, and thus Mr. McKeown incurred additional travel, lodging,           
          and meal expenses in those cities rather than have the entire               
          family move to his job locations.  Mr. McKeown stayed in a travel           
          trailer in Newark and New York.  Mr. McKeown traveled back to see           
          his family in Minnesota periodically.                                       

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