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          deduction for charitable contributions is claimed.  This amount             
          consists of $5,917 in cash contributions, $48,954 in property               
          contributions, and an $893 carryover from a prior taxable year.             
               On several Forms 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions,               
          which were also included with her 2002 return, petitioner shows             
          property donations to various organizations, including Housing              
          Works Thrift Shops and Used Book Caf´┐Ż (Housing Works),4 the                 
          Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center,5 the Lazaretto Orthodox               
          Church of Ithaki,6 and the Hellenic Redcross.7  Depending on the            
          items donated and the donee, the “method used to determine the              
          fair market value” of the items is shown on the Forms 8283 as               
          either “actual value” or “straight line depreciation”.                      
               A great majority of petitioner’s property contributions were           
          made to Housing Works, a “high-end” thrift store located in New             
          York, New York, that sells donated items to its customers.                  

          4  These were donations of clothing, shoes, rags, furniture,                
          jewelry, books, CDS, DVDs, tapes, a cellular phone, “kitchen                
          accessories/appliances” and “other accessories”, “household                 
          goods”, antiques (e.g., vases, sculptures, and other “decorative            
          items”), and electronic devices.                                            
          5  This was a donation of a “performance ticket”.                           
          6  This was a donation of “Church restoration materials”,                   
          flowers, plants, and “church decorations”.                                  
          7  This was a donation of food.                                             

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