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               In support of her donations of property to Housing Works,              
          petitioner produced several of the inventory list forms described           
          above.  We are satisfied that, for the most part and at least as            
          to form, the inventory lists conform to the requirements of the             
          above-cited regulations.  According to petitioner, she estimated            
          the fair market values of the donated items shown on the                    
          inventory lists.  The actual costs of those items are not taken             
          into account in petitioner’s estimates, and petitioner did not              
          provide the prices at which the donated items, or items similar             
          to the donated items, were ultimately sold by Housing Works.12              
          The resale prices of the donated items, or similar items, would             
          certainly be relevant and persuasive evidence of the fair market            
          values of various items of property that petitioner donated to              
          Housing Works.13                                                            
               We are satisfied that the inventory list forms present a               
          fairly accurate description of the items donated.  Nevertheless,            
          given petitioner’s valuation methods, we have severe reservations           
          regarding the fair market values that petitioner assigned to                

          12  According to petitioner, she checked the accuracy of her fair           
          market value estimates regarding various donated items through              
          Internet research that she performed in preparation for trial.              
          13  Petitioner acknowledges the value of this information, as she           
          claims that she unsuccessfully attempted to determine the sale              
          prices set by Housing Works for the various items that she                  

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