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               Petitioner’s duties for Teculan required him to:  (1)                  
          Identify, collect, organize, and document engineering                       
          requirements and drawings; (2) maintain configuration control               
          processes to ensure traceability of baseline documentation; (3)             
          test and evaluate aircraft flight systems software, cockpit                 
          ergonomics, and other related engineering modalities; and (4)               
          perform engineering studies and provide technical assistance,               
          including problem solving and formulation of tradeoffs and                  
               While working at Teculan, on October 1, 2001, petitioner               
          began attending a commercial pilot training program offered by              
          Sierra Academy of Aeronautics (Sierra Academy) to pursue a                  
          commercial pilot’s certificate for both single-engine and                   
          multiengine airplanes (commercial pilot certificates).  To                  
          receive a commercial pilot certificate for either single-engine             
          or multiengine airplanes, petitioner was required to complete               
          three programs:  (1) personal pilot’s certification; (2) pilot              
          instrument rating; and (3) commercial pilot certificate.                    
          Petitioner completed these three programs and received his                  
          commercial pilot certificates on March 1, 2004.                             
               The parties stipulated that petitioner was not required to             
          attend flight school to meet the minimum education requirements             
          necessary to qualify as an aeronautical engineer by his former              

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