Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code § 102.04 Persons Barred From Interest In Mixed Beverage Business

Sec. 102.04. PERSONS BARRED FROM INTEREST IN MIXED BEVERAGE BUSINESS. (a) This section applies to any person who has an interest in the business of a distiller-rectifier, brewer, wholesaler, class B wholesaler, winery, wine bottler, or local distributor's permittee. This section also applies to the agent, servant, or employee of a person who has an interest in one of those businesses.

(b) Except as permitted in Section 23.01 of this code, no person to whom this section applies may:

(1) have a direct or indirect interest in the business, premises, equipment, or fixtures of a mixed beverage establishment;

(2) furnish or lend any money, service, or other thing of value to a mixed beverage permittee or guarantee the fulfillment of a financial obligation of a mixed beverage permittee;

(3) enter or offer to enter into an agreement, condition, or system which in effect amounts to the shipment and delivery of alcoholic beverages on consignment;

(4) furnish, rent, lend, or sell to a mixed beverage permittee any equipment, fixtures, or supplies used in the selling or dispensing of alcoholic beverages;

(5) pay or make an allowance to a mixed beverage permittee for a special advertising or distributing service, or allow the permittee an excessive discount;

(6) offer to a mixed beverage permittee a prize, premium, or other inducement, except as permitted by Section 102.07(b) of this code; or

(7) advertise in the convention program or sponsor a function at a meeting or convention or a trade association of holders of mixed beverage permits, unless the trade association was incorporated before 1950.

Acts 1977, 65th Leg., p. 499, ch. 194, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1977. Amended by Acts 1977, 65th Leg., p. 1183, ch. 453, Sec. 9, eff. Sept. 1, 1977; Acts 1979, 66th Leg., p. 2118, ch. 819, Sec. 10, eff. June 13, 1979; Acts 1983, 68th Leg., p. 1352, ch. 278, Sec. 53, eff. Sept. 1, 1983.

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Last modified: September 28, 2016