Texas Education Code § 25.0343 Transfer Of Students Residing In Household Of Student Receiving Special Education Services

Sec. 25.0343. TRANSFER OF STUDENTS RESIDING IN HOUSEHOLD OF STUDENT RECEIVING SPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICES. (a) If, for the purpose of receiving special education services under Subchapter A, Chapter 29, a school district assigns a student to a district campus other than the campus the student would attend based on the student's residence, the district shall permit the student's parent, guardian, or other person standing in parental relation to the student to obtain a transfer to the assigned campus for any other student residing in the household of the student receiving special education services, provided that:

(1) the other student is entitled under Section 25.001 to attend school in the district; and

(2) the appropriate grade level for the other student is offered at the campus.

(b) A school district is not required to provide transportation to a student who transfers to another campus under this section. This subsection does not affect any transportation services provided by the district in accordance with other law for the student receiving special education services.

(c) Section 25.034 does not apply to a transfer under this section.

(d) This section does not apply if the student receiving special education services resides in a residential facility.

Added by Acts 2006, 79th Leg., 3rd C.S., Ch. 5 (H.B. 1), Sec. 12.01, eff. May 31, 2006.

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Last modified: September 28, 2016