Texas Education Code § 39.056 Monitoring Reviews

Sec. 39.056. MONITORING REVIEWS. (a) The commissioner may direct the agency to conduct monitoring reviews and random on-site visits of a school district at any time as authorized by Section 7.028.

(b) The commissioner shall determine the frequency of monitoring reviews by the agency according to:

(1) annual comprehensive analyses of student performance and equity in relation to the achievement indicators adopted under Section 39.053;

(2) reviews of fiscal reports and other fiscal data as set forth in Section 44.010; or

(3) comprehensive analyses of financial accountability standards under Subchapter D.

(c) In conducting a monitoring review, the agency may obtain information from administrators, other district employees, parents of students enrolled in the school district, and other persons as necessary. The commissioner shall adopt rules for:

(1) obtaining information from parents and using that information in the monitoring review report; and

(2) obtaining information from other district employees in a manner that prevents a district or campus from screening the information.

(d) The agency shall give written notice to the superintendent and the board of trustees of a school district of any impending monitoring review.

(e) The agency shall report in writing to the superintendent and president of the board of trustees of the school district and shall make recommendations concerning any necessary improvements or sources of aid such as regional education service centers.

(f) A district which takes action with regard to the recommendations provided by the agency as prescribed by Subsection (e) shall make a reasonable effort to seek assistance from a third party in developing an action plan to improve district performance using improvement techniques that are goal oriented and research based.

(g) A monitoring review may include desk reviews and on-site visits, including random on-site visits.

(h) The commissioner may at any time convert a monitoring review to a special accreditation investigation under Section 39.057, provided the commissioner promptly notifies the school district of the conversion.

Amended by:

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Last modified: September 28, 2016