Texas Education Code § 45.0571 Charter District Bond Guarantee Reserve Fund

Sec. 45.0571. CHARTER DISTRICT BOND GUARANTEE RESERVE FUND. (a) The charter district bond guarantee reserve fund is a special fund in the state treasury outside the general revenue fund. The following amounts shall be deposited in the fund:

(1) money due from a charter district as provided by Subsection (b); and

(2) interest earned on balances in the fund.

(b) A charter district that has a bond guaranteed as provided by this subchapter must annually remit to the commissioner, for deposit in the charter district bond guarantee reserve fund, an amount equal to 10 percent of the savings to the charter district that is a result of the lower interest rate on the bond due to the guarantee by the permanent school fund. The amount due under this section shall be amortized and paid over the duration of the bond. Each payment is due on the anniversary of the date the bond was issued. The commissioner shall adopt rules to determine the total and annual amounts due under this section.

(c) The commissioner may direct the comptroller to annually withhold the amount due to the charter district bond guarantee reserve fund under Subsection (b) for that year from the state funds otherwise payable to the charter district.

(d) Each year, the commissioner shall:

(1) review the condition of the bond guarantee program and the amount that must be deposited in the charter district bond guarantee reserve fund from charter districts; and

(2) determine if charter districts should be required to submit a greater percentage of the savings resulting from the guarantee.

(e) The commissioner shall make recommendations to the legislature based on the review under Subsection (d).

Added by Acts 2011, 82nd Leg., 1st C.S., Ch. 4 (S.B. 1), Sec. 59.10, eff. September 28, 2011.

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