Texas Special District Local Laws Code § 3501.102 General Powers And Duties

Sec. 3501.102. GENERAL POWERS AND DUTIES. (a) The authority may accept title, on approval by and in coordination with the governor, from the United States to all or any portion of the base property.

(b) The authority may exercise, on approval by and in coordination with the governor, any power necessary or convenient to accomplish a purpose of this chapter, including the power to:

(1) sue and be sued, and plead and be impleaded, in its own name;

(2) adopt an official seal;

(3) adopt and enforce bylaws and rules for the conduct of its affairs;

(4) acquire, hold, own, and dispose of its revenue, income, receipts, and money from any source;

(5) select its depository;

(6) establish its fiscal year;

(7) adopt an annual operating budget for all major expenditures before the beginning of the fiscal year;

(8) establish a system of accounts for the authority;

(9) invest its money in accordance with Chapter 2256, Government Code;

(10) acquire, hold, own, use, rent, lease, or dispose of any property, including a license, patent, right, right-of-way, easement, and other interest in property, by purchase, exchange, gift, assignment, condemnation, lease, sale, or any other means, to perform a duty or to exercise a power under this chapter;

(11) manage, operate, or improve that property, to perform a duty or to exercise a power under this chapter;

(12) sell, assign, lease, encumber, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of any base property, or any interest in that property, release or relinquish any right, title, claim, lien, interest, easement, or demand, however acquired, and, notwithstanding any other law, conduct any transaction authorized by this subdivision by public or private sale;

(13) lease or rent any land, buildings, structures, or facilities located on the base property to any person to accomplish the purposes of this chapter;

(14) request and accept any appropriation, grant, allocation, subsidy, guarantee, aid, service, labor, material, gift, or money from any source, including the federal government, the state, a public agency, and a political subdivision;

(15) maintain an office;

(16) appoint and determine the duties, tenure, qualifications, compensation, and removal of officers, employees, agents, professional advisors, and counselors, including financial consultants, accountants, attorneys, architects, engineers, appraisers, and financing experts, as considered necessary or advisable by the board;

(17) borrow money as necessary to acquire, improve, or operate a facility on the base property, not to exceed the amount determined by the governing body of the City of Lubbock;

(18) establish, impose, and collect rents, rates, fees, and charges for its facilities and services; and

(19) exercise the powers Chapter 380, Local Government Code, grants to a municipality for expansion of economic development and commercial activity.

Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1277, Sec. 1, eff. April 1, 2005.

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