Texas Vernon's Civil Statutes § 6217 Pensions Denied To Whom

Art. 6217. PENSIONS DENIED TO WHOM. No application shall be allowed, nor shall any aid be given or pension paid, to any soldier or sailor, or the widow of any soldier or sailor under the provisions of this title, where any such soldier or sailor deserted his command or voluntarily abandoned his post of duty, or the said service during the said war, nor shall any application be allowed, nor any aid given, nor any pension paid, to any widow of a soldier or sailor who has been divorced from such soldier or sailor, nor to any widow who voluntarily without cause abandoned such soldier or sailor, being her husband, and continued to live separately from him up to the time of his death, nor to a soldier or sailor who served as a substitute for another, nor to the widow of a substitute.

Acts 1909, 31st Leg., p. 231, ch. 118.

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Last modified: September 28, 2016