Texas Vernon's Civil Statutes § 6213 Soldier Must Have Served Honorably

Art. 6213. SOLDIER MUST HAVE SERVED HONORABLY. Every Confederate soldier applying for a pension under this title shall have served honorably from the date of his enlistment until the close of the war, or until he was discharged or paroled in some military organization regularly mustered into the army or navy of the Confederate States until the surrender. The county judge shall reduce the evidence of witnesses examined by him to writing at the expense of the applicant at the rate of five cents per hundred words. The applicant may have such evidence written by his attorney, or such person as may be employed to secure the pension; and the county judge shall certify to the written statement of the evidence when taken before him. The application, affidavit and certified statement of the evidence shall be forwarded to the Comptroller.

Acts 1909, 31st Leg., p. 231, ch. 118.

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Last modified: September 28, 2016