Texas Vernon's Civil Statutes § 6208 Application Requirements

Art. 6208. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS. Person entitled to a pension under this Title shall make application for same in writing and under oath to the County Judge of his or her county. Such application shall state the name, age, residence of the applicant, and occupation, if any, and every fact necessary to entitle the applicant to the pension. If the applicant is such a soldier or sailor as is prescribed herein, he shall state in his application the Company and Regiment in which he was enlisted; if he served in an organization for the protection of the frontier against Indian raiders or Mexican marauders, he shall name and identify such organizations; if he were an officer commissioned by the President of the Confederate States or by the Governor or other proper authority of this State, in the Army, Navy, Militia or frontier organization, he shall state the date of his commission and his rank therein; and if detailed directly under the provisions of the Conscript Law for duty in the armories or shops of the Confederate Government or for any other labor necessary for the maintenance of the army in the field, or if he served in the Confederate Navy, he shall state the time of service in each case. Each applicant shall furnish the testimony of at least one credible witness who personally knows that he enlisted in the service and performed the duties as claimed by him. If he cannot secure the testimony of such witness, he may furnish documents or other evidence of his service. Provided, that where the applicant was born prior to 1851, he may make his proof by submitting to the County Judge an affidavit stating his name, age, residence and occupation, if any, together with every fact necessary to entitle him to a pension. Such affidavit, when executed, shall be accompanied by a sworn statement of at least two (2) credible witnesses who have known the applicant for a period of not less than ten (10) years, and who are in no way related to or interested in the financial welfare of such applicant, and that he is a credible person, and that they believe the statements entitling him to a pension are correct and true.

Acts 1909, 31st Leg., p. 231, ch. 118. Amended by Acts 1913, 33rd Leg., p. 282, ch. 141; Acts 1917, 35th Leg., p. 413, ch. 188; Acts 1930, 41st Leg., 5th C.S., p. 251, ch. 82, Sec. 4; Acts 1931, 42nd Leg., p. 434, ch. 262, Sec. 5.

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