20 USC 4424 - Compliance With Other Acts

(a) In general

The Institute shall comply with the provisions of—

(1) Public Law 95–341 (42 U.S.C. 1996 [, 1996a]), popularly known as the American Indian Religious Freedom Act,

(2) the Archeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (16 U.S.C. 470aa et seq.), and

(3) the National Historic Preservation Act (16 U.S.C. 470 et seq.).

(b) Criminal laws

All Federal criminal laws relating to larceny, embezzlement, or conversion of the funds or the property of the United States shall apply to the funds and property of the Institute.

(c) Other Federal assistance

(1) Funds received by the institute 1 pursuant to this chapter 2 shall not be regarded as Federal money for purposes of meeting any matching requirements for any Federal grant, contract or cooperative agreement.

(2) The Institute shall not be subject to any provision of law requiring that non-Federal funds or other moneys be used in part to fund any grant, contract, cooperative agreement, or project as a condition to the application for, or receipt of, Federal assistance. This subsection shall not be construed to effect 3 in a negative fashion the review, prioritization, or acceptance of any application or proposal for such a program, solicited or unsolicited.

(Pub. L. 99–498, title XV, §1517, Oct. 17, 1986, 100 Stat. 1609; Pub. L. 101–644, title V, §504, Nov. 29, 1990, 104 Stat. 4669; Pub. L. 102–325, title XIII, §1331(i), July 23, 1992, 106 Stat. 808.)

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Last modified: October 26, 2015