Building & Constr. Trades Council v. Associated Builders & Contractors of Mass./R. I., Inc., 507 U.S. 218, 6 (1993)

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Cite as: 507 U. S. 218 (1993)

Opinion of the Court

try; and (2) that the Agreement's provisions limiting work on the project to contractors who agree to abide by the Agreement are lawful under the construction-industry proviso to 8(e), 29 U. S. C. 158(e). This proviso sets forth an exception from 8(e)'s prohibition against "hot cargo" agreements that require an employer to refrain from doing business with any person not agreeing to be bound by a prehire agreement. Building & Trades Council (Kaiser Engineers, Inc.), Case 1-CE-71, NLRB Advice Memo, June 25, 1990, MWRA Pet. App. 88a.

Also in March 1990, respondent Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts/Rhode Island, Inc. (ABC), an organization representing nonunion construction-industry employers, brought this suit against MWRA, Kaiser, and BCTC, seeking, among other things, to enjoin enforcement of Bid Specification 13.1. ABC alleged pre-emption under the NLRA, pre-emption under 514(c) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, 88 Stat. 897, 29 U. S. C. 1144(c) (ERISA), violations of the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment, conspiracy to reduce competition in violation of the Sherman Act, 26 Stat. 209, as amended, 15 U. S. C. 1, and various state-law claims. Only NLRA pre-emption is at issue here.

The United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts rejected each of ABC's claims and denied its motion for a preliminary injunction. MWRA Pet. App. 76a-83a. The Court of Appeals for the First Circuit reversed and directed entry of a preliminary injunction restraining the use of Bid Specification 13.1, reaching only the issue of NLRA pre-emption. 135 LRRM 2713 (1990). The Court of Appeals subsequently granted a petition for rehearing en banc, vacating the panel opinion. MWRA Pet. App. 84a. Upon rehearing en banc, the Court of Appeals, by a 3-to-2 vote, again reversed the judgment of the District Court, once more reaching only the pre-emption issue. 935 F. 2d, at 359-360. The court held that MWRA's intrusion into the


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