Code of Virginia - Title 25.1 Eminent Domain - Section 25.1-247 Recordation of orders, judgments and proceedings; costs

§ 25.1-247. Recordation of orders, judgments and proceedings; costs

A. The clerk of the court shall make and certify a copy of so much of the orders, judgments and proceedings in the case as shall show such condemnation, including a plat and description of the property condemned, and any such contract, if any there be, as is mentioned in § 25.1-236. The clerk shall record such material in the land records in his office, and index it in the names of the parties.

B. If any portion of the land lies in two or more localities, the clerk shall certify a copy of the proceedings to the clerk of the court of each locality. The clerks shall record and index the copy as provided in subsection A.

C. The fees of the clerk for recording shall be the same as for recording a deed. The fees shall be paid by the petitioner.

(Code 1919, § 4381; Code 1950, § 25-38; 1962, c. 426, § 25-46.27; 1991, c. 520; 2003, c. 940.)

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Last modified: April 16, 2009