Code of Virginia - Title 38.2 Insurance - Section 38.2-1824 Kinds of agents' licenses and appointments issued

§ 38.2-1824. Kinds of agents' licenses and appointments issued

A. 1. The Commission shall issue the following kinds of agents' licenses and appointments under this chapter: Life and annuities insurance agent; health agent; property and casualty insurance agent; personal lines agent; limited lines credit insurance agent; limited lines life and health insurance agent; limited lines property and casualty insurance agent; motor vehicle rental contract insurance agent; restricted nonresident life and annuities insurance agent; restricted nonresident health agent; restricted nonresident property and casualty insurance agent; restricted nonresident personal lines agent; surplus lines broker; title insurance agent; variable contract agent; and viatical settlement broker. For the purposes of nonresident reciprocal licensing as provided in § 38.2-1836, the Commission may issue a license for any other limited line of insurance that the Commission may deem it necessary to recognize.

2. The Commission shall permit insurers, within each insurer's authority, to make the following kinds of appointments: life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, and title insurance. The appointed agent's authority is limited to that provided by his license and may not be expanded by his appointment or by his contractual agreement with an insurer.

B. The licenses of all individuals and business entities who on August 31, 2002, hold limited licenses to write accident and sickness insurance, or automobile insurance, or casualty insurance, or fidelity and surety bonds, or fire insurance, or life insurance and annuities, shall have such licenses automatically converted to the nearest equivalent license type provided in subsection A, and shall henceforth be subject to all prelicensing and continuing education requirements applicable to such new license type.

C. All individuals and business entities who on July 1, 1999, held limited licenses to write bail (appearance) bonds may remain licensed under such limited licenses until September 1, 2003, but no such license which has lapsed or been revoked shall be reinstated, and no new or additional licenses of such type shall be issued. All such limited licenses shall terminate effective September 1, 2003.

D. All individuals and business entities who on August 31, 2002, hold any of the restricted licenses discontinued effective September 1, 2002, shall have any such licenses converted to the appropriate limited lines license or licenses effective September 1, 2002.

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