Code of Virginia - Title 38.2 Insurance - Section 38.2-1830 Temporary licenses and appointments; when issued

§ 38.2-1830. Temporary licenses and appointments; when issued

A. Temporary individual licenses providing for life and health insurance authority or property and casualty insurance authority shall be issued by the Commission in the following circumstances:

1. Upon the death of an agent, to his personal representative, surviving spouse, employee, child or next of kin;

2. Upon the inability of an agent to act because of sickness, injury or mental incapacity, to his spouse, child, next of kin, employee or legal representative;

3. Upon the sale of the agent's business, to any person employed in the business. In the event no person is available and suitable for licensing and appointment, the Commission may license and appoint any other suitable person; or

4. To an applicant who is to be an appointed agent of a home service insurer, and who will be assigned a debit and will actually collect the premiums on insurance contracts during the period of such temporary license.

B. Before any temporary license is issued, the applicant shall file with the Commission an application in the form and containing the information the Commission prescribes.

C. No examination shall be required of the applicant; however, no license shall be issued until the Commission is satisfied that the applicant is trustworthy and competent to be licensed.

D. Only one temporary life and health license and one temporary property and casualty license may be issued to any individual during his lifetime, and each such temporary license shall be valid for a period of 180 calendar days.

E. Appointments made by insurers of agents holding temporary licenses shall expire upon the expiration of the temporary license, unless the agent has obtained prior to expiration of the temporary license, a permanent license of the same type, in which event the appointment shall remain in effect subject to the provisions of § 38.2-1825.

F. An individual holding a temporary license shall not be prevented from securing a license by meeting the applicable requirements for the license, nor shall a temporary license be required before an individual may obtain a license.

G. The Commission, in its sole discretion and for good cause shown, may renew licenses granted under this section.

(Code 1950, § 38.1-310; 1952, c. 317; 1979, c. 513, § 38.1-327.42; 1986, c. 562; 1987, c. 521; 1989, c. 435; 2001, c. 706.)

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