Code of Virginia - Title 37.2 Mental Health, Mental Retardation, And Substance Abuse Services - Section 37.2-911 Petition for release; hearing; procedures

§ 37.2-911. Petition for release; hearing; procedures

A. The Commissioner may petition the committing court for conditional or unconditional release of the committed person at any time he believes the committed person's condition has so changed that he is no longer a sexually violent predator in need of secure inpatient treatment. The petition shall be accompanied by a report of clinical findings supporting the petition and by a conditional release or discharge plan, as applicable, prepared by the Department. The committed person may petition the committing court for release only once in each year in which no annual judicial review is required pursuant to § 37.2-910. The party petitioning for release shall transmit a copy of the petition to the Attorney General and the Commissioner.

B. Upon the submission of a petition pursuant to this section, the committing court shall conduct the proceedings according to the procedures set forth in § 37.2-910.

(1999, cc. 946, 985, § 37.1-70.12; 2001, c. 776; 2003, cc. 989, 1018; 2005, c. 716.)

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Last modified: April 16, 2009