Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 35 Cities And Towns - Section 35.81.095 Selection of person to undertake redevelopment or rehabilitation of real property

§ 35.81.095. Selection of person to undertake redevelopment or rehabilitation of real property

(1) The process authorized under this section may occur (a) prior to the purchase of the real property by the municipality, or (b) after the purchase of the real property by the municipality.

(2) A municipality may, by public notice once each week for three consecutive weeks in a legal newspaper in the municipality, or prior to the execution of any contract or deed to sell, lease, or otherwise transfer real property and prior to the delivery of any instrument of conveyance with respect thereto under the provisions of this section, invite statements of interest and qualifications and, at the municipality's option, proposals from any persons interested in undertaking to redevelop or rehabilitate the real property.

(3) The notice required under this section shall identify the area, or portion thereof, the process the municipality will use to evaluate qualifications and, if applicable, proposals submitted by redevelopers or any persons, and other information relevant to the community renewal project. The notice shall also state that further information, as is available, may be obtained at the offices designated in the notice.

(4)(a) Based on its evaluation of qualifications and, if applicable, proposals, the municipality may select a proposer with whom to negotiate or may select two or more finalists to submit proposals, or to submit more detailed or revised proposals. The municipality may, in its sole discretion, reject all responses or proposals, amend any solicitation to allow modification or supplementation of qualifications or proposals, or waive irregularities in the content or timing of any qualifications or proposals.

(b) The municipality may initiate negotiations with the person selected on the basis of qualifications or proposals. If the municipality does not enter into a contract with that person, it may (i) enter into negotiations with the person that submitted the next highest ranked qualifications or proposal, (ii) solicit additional proposals using a process permitted by RCW 35.81.090, or (iii) otherwise dispose of or retain the real property consistent with the provisions of this chapter. A municipality shall not be required to select or enter into a contract with any proposer or to compensate any proposer for the cost of preparing a proposal or negotiating with the municipality.

(c) A municipality, with approval of its legislative authority, may select and enter into a contract with more than one proposer to carry out different aspects or parts of a community renewal plan.

[2002 c 218 § 10.]

     Severability -- Savings -- Construction -- 2002 c 218: See notes following RCW 35.81.005.

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