Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 85 Diking And Drainage - Section 85.08.510 Invalid levy -- Reassessment

§ 85.08.510. Invalid levy -- Reassessment

Whenever any improvement, any extension or betterment thereof shall have been constructed in whole or in part, either heretofore in a district established or attempted to be established under and by virtue of *chapter 66 of the Laws of 1901, or in a district heretofore or hereafter established or attempted to be established under this chapter, and the assessment therefor or any part thereof shall be invalid by reason of any omission, irregularity or defect in any proceeding whatever, a reassessment shall be made upon the property benefited by the improvement to provide a fund for the payment of the costs thereof, and any bonds or warrants issued therefor in the following manner:

The board of county commissioners shall by order cause the clerk of the board to compile and file with the board an itemized statement of the total cost of the improvement in the manner prescribed by RCW 85.08.360. Upon the filing of such statement the same proceedings shall be had assessing the costs of said improvement against the lands benefited thereby and the counties, cities and towns within the district, as are prescribed by RCW 85.08.360 and **subsequent sections of this act. In case no bonds have been issued or warrants sold to pay the costs of said improvement, the same may be issued and sold and disposed of as hereinbefore provided. In case an assessment for such improvement shall have been theretofore made or attempted, and any payment has been made thereon, proper credit for the amount of such payment shall be made upon the reassessment.

[1923 c 46 § 11, part; 1917 c 130 § 33; 1913 c 176 § 31; RRS § 4439-5.]

     Reviser's note: *(1) "chapter 66 of the Laws of 1901" refers to a prior drainage district law which was repealed by the basic act, 1913 c 176, codified in this chapter; see 1913 c 176 § § 39, 40; see notes following chapter digest.

**(2) The language "subsequent sections of this act" first appears in 1917 c 130 § 33 amending 1913 c 176 § 31. The 1917 amendatory act was a 39 section act with sections 34 through 39 being codified as RCW 85.08.530, 85.08.540, 85.08.560, and 85.08.680. Section 34 thereof was repealed by 1949 c 26 § 18 and new subject matter thereof is in chapter 85.16 RCW. Section 39 was a construction section. The basic act in chapter 176, Laws of 1913 was a 42 section act with sections 32 through 41 being codified as RCW 85.08.530, 85.08.540, 85.08.560, 85.08.570, 85.08.670, and 85.08.680. Section 32 was repealed in the 1949 act and the new subject matter is in chapter 85.16 RCW. The other sections being construction sections are footnoted herein following the chapter digest. Notice that this section itself was a single section in the basic act of 1913 but it was divided into separate sections in 1923 c 46 § 11 codified herein as RCW 85.08.470 through 85.08.520.

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