Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 8 Eminent Domain - Section 8.08.050 Trial -- Damages to be found

§ 8.08.050. Trial -- Damages to be found

The jury selected to hear the evidence and determine the compensation to be paid to the owner or owners of such real estate or property to be appropriated for public use, shall be selected, impaneled and sworn in the same manner that juries in other civil actions are selected, impaneled and sworn, and in case a jury is waived, such compensation or damages shall be ascertained and determined by the court or judge thereof and the proceedings shall be the same as in trial of an issue of fact by the court. Upon the close of the evidence, the court shall instruct the jury as to the matters submitted to them and the law pertaining thereto. Whereupon the jury shall retire and deliberate and determine upon the amount of the compensation of damages and money that shall be paid to the owner or owners of the real estate or property sought to be appropriated, which shall be the amount found by the jury to be the fair and full value of such premises, and when the jury shall have determined upon their verdict, they shall return the same to the court as in other civil actions.

[1949 c 79 § 5; Rem. Supp. 1949 § 3991-10.]

Rules of court:  CR 47, 48.

Juries, civil actions, selection, impaneling and swearing of: Chapters 2.36, 4.44 RCW.

Verdicts, civil actions: Chapter 4.44 RCW. Sections:  Previous  8.08.005  8.08.010  8.08.020  8.08.030  8.08.040  8.08.050  8.08.060  8.08.070  8.08.080  8.08.090  8.08.100  8.08.110  8.08.120  8.08.130  8.08.140  Next

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