Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 64 Real Property And Conveyances - Section 64.34.324 Bylaws

§ 64.34.324. Bylaws

(1) Unless provided for in the declaration, the bylaws of the association shall provide for:

(a) The number, qualifications, powers and duties, terms of office, and manner of electing and removing the board of directors and officers and filling vacancies;

(b) Election by the board of directors of such officers of the association as the bylaws specify;

(c) Which, if any, of its powers the board of directors or officers may delegate to other persons or to a managing agent;

(d) Which of its officers may prepare, execute, certify, and record amendments to the declaration on behalf of the association;

(e) The method of amending the bylaws; and

(f) A statement of the standard of care for officers and members of the board of directors imposed by RCW 64.34.308(1).

(2) Subject to the provisions of the declaration, the bylaws may provide for any other matters the association deems necessary and appropriate.

(3) In determining the qualifications of any officer or director of the association, notwithstanding the provision of *RCW 64.34.020(32) the term "unit owner" in such context shall, unless the declaration or bylaws otherwise provide, be deemed to include any director, officer, partner in, or trustee of any person, who is, either alone or in conjunction with another person or persons, a unit owner. Any officer or director of the association who would not be eligible to serve as such if he or she were not a director, officer, partner in, or trustee of such a person shall be disqualified from continuing in office if he or she ceases to have any such affiliation with that person, or if that person would have been disqualified from continuing in such office as a natural person.

[2004 c 201 § 3; 1992 c 220 § 16; 1989 c 43 § 3-107.]

     *Reviser's note: RCW 64.34.020 was amended by 2008 c 115 § 8, changing subsection (32) to subsection (39).

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