Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 64 Real Property And Conveyances - Section 64.55.040 Inspectors--Qualifications

§ 64.55.040. Inspectors--Qualifications

(1) A qualified building enclosure inspector:

(a) Must be a person with substantial and verifiable training and experience in building enclosure design and construction;

(b) Shall be free from improper interference or influence relating to the inspections; and

(c) May not be an employee, officer, or director of, nor have any pecuniary interest in, the declarant, developer, association, or any party providing services or materials for the project, or any of their respective affiliates, except that the qualified inspector may be the architect or engineer who approved the building enclosure design documents or the architect or engineer of record. The qualified inspector may, but is not required to, assist with the preparation of such design documents.

(2) Nothing in this section alters requirements for licensure of any architect, engineer, or other professional, or alters the jurisdiction, authority, or scope of practice of architects, engineers, other professionals, or general contractors.

[2005 c 456 § 5.]

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Last modified: April 7, 2009