Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 64 Real Property And Conveyances - Section 64.55.110 Case schedule plan--Deadlines

§ 64.55.110. Case schedule plan--Deadlines

(1) Not less than sixty days after the later of filing or service of the complaint, the parties shall confer to create a proposed case schedule plan for submission to the court that includes the following deadlines:

(a) Selection of a mediator;

(b) Commencement of the mandatory mediation and submission of mediation materials required by this chapter;

(c) Selection of the arbitrator by the parties, where applicable;

(d) Joinder of additional parties in the action;

(e) Completion of each party's investigation;

(f) Disclosure of each party's proposed repair plan;

(g) Disclosure of each party's estimated costs of repair;

(h) Meeting of parties and experts to confer in accordance with RCW 64.55.120; and

(i) Disclosure of each party's settlement demand or response.

(2) If the parties agree upon a proposed case schedule plan, they shall move the court for the entry of the proposed case schedule plan. If the parties cannot agree, either party may move the court for entry of a case schedule plan that includes the above deadlines.

[2005 c 456 § 12.]

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