Code of Alabama - Title 32: Motor Vehicles and Traffic - Section 32-7-21 - Certificate furnished by nonresident as proof

Section 32-7-21 - Certificate furnished by nonresident as proof.

(a) The nonresident owner of a motor vehicle not registered in this state may give proof of financial responsibility by filing with the director a written certificate or certificates of an insurance carrier authorized to transact business in the state in which the motor vehicle or motor vehicles described in such certificate is registered, or if such nonresident does not own a motor vehicle, then in the state in which the insured resides, provided such certificate otherwise conforms to the provisions of this chapter, and the director shall accept the same upon condition that said insurance carrier complies with the following provisions with respect to the policies so certified:

(1) The insurance carrier shall execute a power of attorney authorizing the director to accept service on its behalf of notice or process in any action arising out of a motor vehicle accident in this state; and

(2) The insurance carrier shall agree in writing that such policies shall be deemed to conform with the laws of this state relating to the terms of motor vehicle liability policies issued herein.

(b) If any insurance carrier not authorized to transact business in this state, which has qualified to furnish proof of financial responsibility, defaults in any said undertakings or agreements, the director shall not thereafter accept as proof any certificate of the carrier whether theretofore filed or thereafter tendered as proof so long as such default continues.

(Acts 1951, No. 704, p. 1224, §20.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021