Code of Alabama - Title 34: Professions and Businesses - Section 34-29-73 - Examination procedures

Section 34-29-73 - Examination procedures.

(a) The board shall hold at least two examinations and may hold additional examinations as it deems necessary. The executive director or his or her designee shall give appropriate public notice of the time and place of the examination at least 120 days in advance of the date set forth for the examination. Any person desiring to take the examination shall make license application at least 60 days before the examination and pay the required application and examination fees.

(b) The preparation, administration, and grading of examinations shall be governed by the administrative code as prescribed by the board. Examinations shall be designed to test the examinee's knowledge of and proficiency in subjects and techniques commonly taught in veterinary school. To pass the examination, the examinee shall demonstrate scientific and practical knowledge sufficient to prove himself or herself a competent person to practice veterinary medicine in the judgment of the board. All examinees shall be tested by written examinations supplemented by oral interviews and practical demonstrations as the board may deem necessary. The board may adopt and use the examinations and passing criteria prepared by professional examination services approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association, in addition to a state written examination.

(c) A passing score on the AVMA approved National Licensing Examination or examinations shall be determined by the professional examination provider based on a national criteria which reflects a passing score of at least 70 percent.

(d) A passing score on the state examination shall be deemed to be the correct answering of at least 70 percent of the questions contained on the state written examination and on the state practical and oral examinations. The scores may not be combined.

(e) Within 60 days after each examination, the executive director or his or her designee shall notify each examinee of the results of his or her examination and the board shall issue licenses to the persons successfully completing the examination provided all requirements for licensing have been met. The executive director or his or her designee shall record the new licenses and issue a certificate of qualification to the new licensees. Any person failing an examination shall be eligible to take any subsequent examination upon payment of the application and examination fees. Any person failing an examination may retake that examination for a maximum of three times. The examination shall be given in English.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021