Code of Alabama - Title 34: Professions and Businesses - Section 34-29-71 - Temporary license

Section 34-29-71 - Temporary license.

(a) The board may issue a temporary license to practice veterinary medicine to an unlicensed applicant providing the applicant meets all conditions and requirements of this article relating to qualifications of applicants for license to practice veterinary medicine. Any person applying for a temporary license shall associate himself or herself with a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine. His or her license shall be limited to the work of a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine and he or she shall not participate without direct supervision in the practice of or operation of a branch office, clinic, or allied establishment. An applicant may work under the indirect supervision in the primary clinic of his or her employer. The license, when granted, shall bear the name and address of the licensed doctor of veterinary medicine. There shall be a fee which shall not be refundable for the temporary license.

(b) Renewal of temporary licenses may be granted by the board. No temporary license shall be issued to an applicant who has not passed either the AVMA approved National Veterinary Licensing Exam or the National Board Examination for Veterinarians, and the Clinical Competency Test for Veterinarians, or has failed any portion of the Alabama state board examination.

(c) All temporary licenses shall expire 90 days from date of issue or on the day the applicant receives or is denied a license from the board, whichever date is earliest.

(d) Acceptance of a temporary license by an applicant shall be deemed to be consent for expiration of that license in accordance with this article.

(e) If employment ceases at the place of employment noted on the temporary license, then the board shall be notified or if there is more than one employer of that temporary license holder, the board shall be notified by the employer.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021