Code of Alabama - Title 34: Professions and Businesses - Section 34-29-69 - Powers of board

Section 34-29-69 - Powers of board.

The board shall be a body corporate and shall have the power to do all of the following:

(1) Examine and determine the qualifications and fitness of applicants for a license to practice veterinary medicine in the state.

(2) Issue, renew, deny, suspend, and revoke licenses, issue private reprimands and private informed admonitions to practitioners who practice veterinary medicine in this state, or otherwise discipline or censure veterinary professionals, irrespective of their licensure status, whether active, inactive, expired, lapsed, surrendered, or disciplined, relative to acts, omissions, complaints, and investigations which occurred during the licensure period consistent with this article.

(3) Conduct investigations for the purpose of discovering violations of this article or grounds for disciplining licensed veterinary professionals or other non-licensed individuals pursuant to the administrative code of the board and appoint individuals and committees to assist in the investigations. Jurisdiction of the board shall extend to non-licensed individuals engaging in the unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine. It is the intent of this section that licensees may not divest the board of jurisdiction by changing or relinquishing licensure status. The board shall have the power to subpoena records.

(4) Have a common seal and act as a corporate body with the right to sue and be sued, hold hearings, subpoena witnesses, compel the production of any books, records, papers, or documents, and take testimony bearing on the records of applicants for licensing to practice veterinary medicine and surgery in Alabama and on the records of practitioners who may be under consideration by the board for charges of misconduct.

(5) Employ full-time or part-time personnel, including an executive director as previously provided, professional, clerical, or special personnel as necessary to effectuate this article and to purchase or rent necessary office space, equipment, and supplies.

(6) Appoint from its own membership one or more members to act as representatives of the board at any meeting in or out of the state when representation is deemed desirable. The delegate or delegates from the board shall attend the annual meeting of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards and his or her expenses shall be paid by the board. The board may authorize the attendance of the executive director, legal counsel, or other staff members of the board at any meeting described in this subdivision.

(7) Adopt, amend, or repeal all rules necessary for its governance and all regulations necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this article in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, including, but not limited to, the establishment and publication of rules of professional conduct for the practice of veterinary medicine. These regulations shall be known as the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners Administrative Code. They shall be published and distributed to all licensed Alabama veterinarians and to all applicants for licensing. Any proposed changes to the administrative code shall be published in the official newsletter of the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association and mailed to all Alabama licensed veterinarians. A period of 10 days shall be allowed to post publication or notification so that any Alabama licensed veterinarian opposing the changes has time to request a hearing as hereafter provided.

(8) To fix minimum standards for continuing veterinary medical education which standards shall be a condition precedent to the renewal of a license under this article.

(9) To inspect any hospitals, clinics, satellites, outpatient clinics, mobile clinics, or other places utilized for the practice of veterinary medicine. An inspection shall be made by the board's authorized representative(s). The inspection shall be for the purpose of reporting such inspection to the board on a form prescribed by the board or for seeking disciplinary action in cases of violation of this article or violation of other health and sanitation regulations duly established and published by the board or other duly constituted state authorities having jurisdiction in such matters.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, if certain equipment or services required by rule or regulation of the board to be available at a premises are not available at a premises, a written and signed agreement may be provided to the board demonstrating that the arrangements have been made to provide the equipment or services at a location that is within a reasonable distance from the premises.

(10) To provide special registration for veterinarian technicians, and if desired, veterinary interns, and veterinary student preceptees and to adopt regulations concerning the training, legislation, and service limits of those assistants while employed by and acting under the supervision and responsibilities of licensed veterinarians. The board shall have exclusive jurisdiction in determining eligibility and qualification requirements and in granting or refusing to grant or to suspend or revoke registration. Any suspension or revocation of a special registration issued under this section shall be conducted pursuant to the Code of Alabama 1975.

(11) Establish and publish annually a schedule of fees for the licensing or registration, or both, and for renewal of a license or registration for veterinarians and veterinary technicians pursuant to this article.

(12) Authorize any member of the board to sign complaints for the bringing of proceedings in courts for the enforcement of this article.

(13) To act as a corporate board or as an individual member of the board to prosecute in court on an action quo warranto, injunction, or any other proper suit to oust from practice unlawful practitioners and to assist the Attorney General or any other prosecutor for criminal violations of this article.

(14) For disciplinary purposes, to adopt, levy, and collect administrative fines for noncompliance by its licensees and other individuals engaging in the unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine of this chapter, or the administrative code of the board, of not less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250), nor more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) per violation, and to institute any legal proceedings necessary to effect compliance with this chapter.

(15) To promulgate and implement administrative rules and regulations in accordance with the State Administrative Procedure Act to provide for an inactive license status, an inactive license fee, and a reactivation process and reactivation fee.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021