Code of Alabama - Title 37: Public Utilities and Public Transportation - Section 37-7-6 - Board of directors - Powers

Section 37-7-6 - Board of directors - Powers.

The board shall have power to do all things necessary or convenient in conducting the business of a corporation, including but not limited to: The power to adopt and amend bylaws for the management and regulation of the affairs of the corporation; the bylaws by a corporation may make provisions, not inconsistent with law or its certificate of incorporation, regulating the admission, withdrawal, suspension or expulsion of members; the transfer of memberships; the fees and dues of members and the termination of memberships on nonpayment of dues or otherwise; the number, times and manner of choosing, qualifications, terms of office, official designations, powers, duties and compensation of its officers; defining a vacancy in the board or in any office or the manner of filling it; the number of members, not less than 20 percent, to constitute a quorum at meetings, the date of the annual meeting and the giving of notice thereof and the holding of special meetings and the giving of notice thereof; the terms and conditions upon which the corporation is to render service to its members, the disposition of the revenues and receipts of the corporation; regular and special meetings of the board and the giving of notice thereof. Said board shall also have the power: To appoint agents and employees and to fix their compensation and the compensation of the officers of the corporation; to execute instruments; to delegate to one or more of the directors or to the agents and employees of a corporation such powers and duties as it may deem proper; and to make its own rules and regulations as to its procedure.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021