Code of Alabama - Title 43: Wills and Decedents' Estates - Section 43-2-173 - Resignation and removal - Generally

Section 43-2-173 - Resignation and removal - Generally.

(a) The general administrator may be removed for the same causes as other administrators. Such removal may be made by the judge of probate without notice, but the grounds thereof must be entered on the minutes of the court.

(b) The resignation of the office of general administrator shall not operate to discharge the incumbent from the administration of any estate previously committed to his charge as such general administrator; but he may proceed, notwithstanding such resignation, to administer and finally settle the same, as if he had not resigned such office; and the sureties on his bond as general administrator shall be liable for every act of maladministration on such estate committed after his resignation, to the same extent as if he had not resigned; but he may be removed from the administration of such estate for any of the causes prescribed by law, or he may resign his administration thereon by leave of the probate court of his county.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021