Code of Alabama - Title 43: Wills and Decedents' Estates - Section 43-2-193 - Appointment of nonresident administrator

Section 43-2-193 - Appointment of nonresident administrator.

When any nonresident dies, leaving assets in this state, if no application for letters of administration is made by a relative or creditor entitled thereto, an administrator of his estate, appointed by the competent authority of the state or territory of his domicile, shall be entitled to letters of administration on such estate in this state, upon the production of the letters granted to him by the state or territory of his intestate's domicile, duly certified as required by law, in preference to any other person, upon his giving like bond and surety and upon the same terms, conditions and requirements as are required by law of citizens of this state. The certified copy of his foreign letters shall be filed and recorded in the office of the judge of probate issuing letters in this state.

(Code 1886, §2039; Code 1896, §82; Code 1907, §2558; Code 1923, §5781; Code 1940, T. 61, §143.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021