Code of Alabama - Title 9: Conservation and Natural Resources - Section 9-11-56 - Nonresident freshwater fishing licenses - Trip license; penalty

Section 9-11-56 - Nonresident freshwater fishing licenses - Trip license; penalty.

Any nonresident of this state 16 years of age or older shall not take, catch, kill or attempt to take, catch, or kill any fish in any of the fresh waters of this state for a period of seven consecutive days or less without first procuring a trip fishing license in the same manner provided for other licenses provided in this article, by paying the sum of twenty-four dollars ($24), plus a two dollar ($2) issuance fee, which fees shall be subject to adjustment as provided for in Section 9-11-68, which license will authorize the holder thereof to fish in any of the otherwise legally available fresh waters of this state during those hours occurring during the then current license year for a period not to exceed 168 consecutive hours from the beginning date and time, as selected and designated by the licensee to the issuing agent at the time of issuance. The license fees for residents of the States of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi shall, upon submittal of a valid driver license issued by one of those states, or in the case of nondrivers, proof of residency of one of those states, be the same as the license fees charged Alabama residents for similar licenses in those states in the event the state charges Alabama residents more than Alabama charges residents from that state. In the event no similar license exists in any of those states, residents of the states shall not be permitted to procure a trip fishing license in the State of Alabama. The license shall not be required of persons properly licensed under Section 9-11-55.

The issuing officer or authority or special agent shall be allowed the issuance fee set out herein for each license issued by him or her, which issuing fee shall be in addition to the cost of the license. In counties where the probate judge or issuing officer is on the fee system, the issuing fee shall be retained by the probate judge or issuing officer, and in counties where the probate judge or issuing officer is on a salary basis, the fee shall be paid by him or her into the county treasury to the credit of the appropriate fund.

All of the license fee shall be deposited in the State Treasury to the credit of the Game and Fish Fund.

Any person who violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor punishable as provided by law except that the minimum fine shall not be less than fifty dollars ($50).

There shall be provided on the license form for the licenses provided for in this section a check-off option whereby the licensee may voluntarily choose to donate an additional one dollar ($1) to the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries for the purpose of research on fisheries and aquatic habitat as approved by the Advisory Board of Conservation and Natural Resources.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021