Alaska Statutes Sec. 15.07.195 - Certain Information in Voter Registration Records Confidential

(a) The following information set out in state voter registration records is confidential and is not open to public inspection:

(1) the voter's age or date of birth;

(2) the voter's social security number, or any part of that number;

(3) the voter's driver's license number;

(4) the voter's voter identification number;

(5) the voter's place of birth;

(6) the voter's signature.

(b) In addition to the information in (a) of this section, a voter may elect in writing to keep the voter's residential address confidential and not open to public inspection if the voter provides a separate mailing address. However, notwithstanding an election under this subsection, a voter's residential address may be disclosed to

(1) a watcher appointed under AS 15.10.170 and, in the case of a watcher appointed by an organization or group sponsoring or opposing an initiative, referendum, or recall group, authorized by the director;

(2) an observer of a recount provided under AS 15.20.440 (b) by a candidate, political party, or organized group having a direct interest in the recount; or

(3) the subject of a recall election if the voter voted in the recall election.

(c) Notwithstanding other provisions, and in compliance with federal law, information made confidential by this section may be released by the division

(1) to a local, state, or federal government agency, including to the child support services agency created in AS 25.27.010 or the child support enforcement agency of another state; the agency receiving information under this paragraph may use the information only for governmental purposes authorized under law;

(2) in compliance with a court order;

(3) to a person holding a writ of execution against the person or property of the voter; or

(4) if the voter about whom information has been requested has provided written consent to the release.

(d) Nothing in this section shall prohibit the release of a voter's voter ascension number if that information may be released under other provisions of law.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016