Alaska Statutes Sec. 21.96.027 - Motor Vehicle Insurance Following Driver's License Revocation

(a) Notwithstanding AS 21.36.210 , an insurer offering insurance in this state may not (1) refuse to issue or renew motor vehicle liability insurance coverage; (2) cancel an existing policy of motor vehicle liability insurance; (3) deny a covered claim; or (4) increase the premium on a motor vehicle liability insurance policy if the refusal, cancellation, denial, or increase results only from the fact that the person's driver's license was revoked under AS 04.16.050 (c), (d), or (h) for possession or consumption of alcohol in a situation where the person was not driving and was in violation of AS 04.16.050(a) or a municipal ordinance with substantially similar elements.

(b) The provisions of (a) of this section may not prevent an insurer from underwriting or rating based upon loss experience in the same manner as it would for a person who has not had the person's driver's license revoked under AS 04.16.050 (c), (d), or (h).

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Last modified: November 15, 2016