Alaska Statutes Sec. 21.96.075 - Insurance Tax Credit for Gifts to the Alaska Fire Standards Council

(a) For cash contributions prequalified under (d) of this section and made for fire services programs to the Alaska Fire Standards Council established under AS 18.70.330 , a taxpayer is allowed a credit against the tax due under AS 21.09.210 that is imposed on insurance that includes coverage for losses due to fire.

(b) The amount of the credit allowed to a taxpayer under (a) of this section is the lesser of

(1) an amount equal to

(A) 50 percent of contributions of not more than $100,000; and

(B) 100 percent of the next $100,000 of contributions; or

(2) 50 percent of the taxpayer's tax liability under this title.

(c) [See delayed amendment note]. A contribution claimed by a taxpayer as a credit under this section may not

(1) be the basis for a credit claimed under more than one provision of this title;

(2) when combined with contributions that are the basis for credits taken during the taxpayer's tax year under AS 21.96.070 , AS 43.20.014 , AS 43.55.019 , AS 43.56.018 , AS 43.65.018 , AS 43.75.018 , or AS 43.77.045, result in the total amount of credits exceeding $5,000,000; if the taxpayer is a member of an affiliated group, then the total amount of credits may not exceed $5,000,000 for the affiliated group; in this paragraph, "affiliated group" has the meaning given in AS 43.20.145; or

(3) be claimed as a credit unless the contribution qualifies for the credit under (d) of this section.

(d) A taxpayer may not claim a contribution as a credit under (a) of this section unless the taxpayer applies to the director for prequalification of the contribution as a tax credit and receives written notice from the director that the contribution prequalifies for the tax credit described under this section. The director shall allow prequalified tax credits for contributions under this section in the order that the director receives applications by taxpayers and may not provide notice of prequalification if the taxpayer's contribution would cause the total contributions made by all taxpayers during the calendar tax year to exceed $300,000.

(e) A contribution allowed as a tax credit under this section is not subject to AS 21.09.270 .

(f) The credit under this section may not reduce a person's tax liability under AS 21.09.210 to below zero for any tax year. An unused credit or portion of a credit not used under this section for a calendar year may not be sold, traded, transferred, or applied in a subsequent calendar year.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016