Arizona Revised Statutes Title 28 - Transportation

Article 1 Definitions

  • § 28-101 Definitions
    In this title, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Alcohol" means any substance containing any form of alcohol, including ethanol, methanol, propynol and...

Article 2 General Penalties

Article 3 General Provisions

Article 1 Transportation Board

Article 2 Department of Transportation

Article 3 Director of the Department of Transportation

Article 4 Agreements

Article 5 Records

Article 6 Unblended Gasoline Shortages

  • § 28-481 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Assignment" means an action taken by the department designating prime suppliers of motor gasoline...
  • § 28-482 Department Survey
    From October 1 through March 31 of each year, the department shall conduct a monthly survey of motor vehicle fuel refiners, suppliers, terminal operators...
  • § 28-483 Determination Of Shortage; Declaration
    A. Within one month before the period of time when oxygenated fuel is required to be sold in a carbon monoxide vehicle emissions control...
  • § 28-484 State Set‑aside Volume
    A. On declaration of a shortage, the department shall notify each prime supplier of its monthly set-aside percentage. The percentage shall not exceed five...
  • § 28-485 Assignment Of Set‑aside
    A. If a shortage has been declared the department may order, at any time during the month, the assignment of all or part of...
  • § 28-486 Liaison Designation
    Each prime supplier shall designate a liaison to act for and on behalf of the prime supplier with respect to the set-aside program.
  • § 28-487 Limitation Of Supply Requirement
    This article does not require a prime supplier to supply unblended gasoline with volatility or distillation characteristics that are not representative of normal commercial
  • § 28-488 Price
    A prime supplier shall not charge a premium on set-aside volumes except to recover documented extra costs to deliver the set-aside fuel.
  • § 28-489 Application
    A. An applicant for a set-aside assignment shall be a blender seeking an assignment from the state set-aside program to meet an unblended gasoline...
  • § 28-490 Appeal
    A. If an application for a set-aside allocation is denied or reduced, the applicant may request a review of its application by the director....

Article 7 Transportation Planning

Article 1 Definitions and Powers of Governor

  • § 28-601 Definitions
    In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Commercial motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle or combination of vehicles that is designed,...
  • § 28-602 Powers Of Governor; Federal Highway Safety Act
    A. In addition to other duties and responsibilities conferred on the governor by the constitution and laws of this state, the governor may contract...

Article 2 Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws

Article 3 Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings

Article 4 Accidents

Article 5 Reckless and Aggressive Driving

Article 6 Speed Restrictions

Article 7 Driving on Right Side of Roadway, Overtaking and Passing

Article 8 Turning, Starting and Signals on Stopping and Turning

Article 9 Right-of-Way

Article 10 Pedestrian Rights and Duties

Article 11 Operation of Bicycles

Article 12 Special Stops Required

Article 13 Stopping, Standing or Parking

Article 14 Parking for Persons with Physical Disabilities

Article 15 Miscellaneous Rules

Article 16 Equipment

Article 17 Inspection of Vehicles

Article 18 Vehicle Size, Weight and Load

Article 19 Envelope Permits

  • § 28-1141 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Envelope" means the outermost dimensions of a load or vehicle to include width, height...
  • § 28-1142 Application
    A. A person shall not operate, move or leave standing on a highway of this state a vehicle that is carrying or transporting cargo...
  • § 28-1143 Fees
    A. The department shall collect the following fees: 1. One hundred fifty dollars for each thirty day oversize only envelope permit. 2. Five hundred...
  • § 28-1144 Issuing Envelope Permits; Restrictions; Requirements
    A. Except as provided in subsection D of this section, on approval of the application, the director may issue an envelope permit. The envelope...
  • § 28-1145 Third Party Permit Issuance
    The director, in consultation with the overdimensional permit council established by section 28-1150, may authorize third parties pursuant to chapter 13, article 1 of...
  • § 28-1146 Administration
    A. The director shall regulate all persons required by this article to have envelope permits. B. The director may: 1. Investigate and require the...
  • § 28-1147 Revocation Or Suspension Of Envelope Permits And Privileges
    A. The director may suspend or revoke an envelope permit if the director determines that the person: 1. Made a material misrepresentation or misstatement...
  • § 28-1148 Liability
    A user of an envelope permit accepts full responsibility and liability for use of the envelope permit and holds the state harmless for an...
  • § 28-1149 Records; Inspection
    A. A permit holder shall maintain in this state for at least three years records and other data for all vehicles operated and cargo...
  • § 28-1150 Overdimensional Permit Council
    A. An overdimensional permit council is established consisting of the following nine members who are appointed by the governor: 1. One member representing the...
  • § 28-1151 Violation; Classification
    A person who operates, moves or leaves standing on a highway a vehicle or a vehicle carrying or transporting cargo in violation of an...

Article 20 Off-Highway Vehicles

Article 21 Photo Enforcement Systems

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Implied Consent and Tests

Article 3 Driving Under the Influence

Article 3.1 Special Ignition Interlock Restricted Driver Licenses

Article 4 Judicial and Administrative Provisions

Article 5 Ignition Interlock Devices

Article 1 Definitions

  • § 28-1501 Definitions
    In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Gross weight" means the weight of a vehicle without a load plus the weight...

Article 2 Penalties and Violations

Article 3 Criminal Violations and Traffic Complaints

Article 4 Procedures for Civil Traffic Violations

Article 5 Traffic Ticket Enforcement Assistance Program

  • § 28-1630 Definitions
    For the purposes of this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Monetary obligations" includes fines, fees, penalties, court costs, surcharges, restitution, assessments...
  • § 28-1631 Traffic Ticket Enforcement Assistance Program; Establishment
    A. The department shall establish procedures to: 1. Assist the courts and political subdivisions of this state to collect delinquent monetary obligations imposed for...
  • § 28-1632 Refusal To Renew Registration; Fees
    A. On proper notification by a court or political subdivision pursuant to section 28-1633, the department shall refuse to renew the registration of a...
  • § 28-1633 Contracts
    A. A court or political subdivision of this state may contract with the department to: 1. Provide electronic data access of department records to...
  • § 28-1634 Registration Allowed
    A. The department shall allow registration of the vehicle if it receives the form prescribed by the director pursuant to section 28-1633 from the...
  • § 28-1635 Waiver
    A. On proper application, the court may waive its right pursuant to this article to request the department to refuse to renew the vehicle...
  • § 28-1636 Rules
    A. The supreme court shall adopt rules or procedures necessary for the courts to carry out this article including the time periods during which...

Article 6 Traffic Violations by Diplomats

  • § 28-1651 Applicability
    A. This article applies to an individual who displays to a law enforcement officer a driver license issued by the United States department of...
  • § 28-1652 Law Enforcement Officer Duties
    If a driver who is subject to this article is stopped by a law enforcement officer who has probable cause to believe that the...
  • § 28-1653 Documents And Records
    The department of public safety shall: 1. File each vehicle accident report, citation or other charging document and incident report that the department of...
  • § 28-1654 Department Of State
    Within five working days after receipt, the department of public safety shall send a copy of each document and record described in section 28-1653...

Article 2 Multistate Highway Transportation Agreement

Article 3 Driver License Compact

  • § 28-1851 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Executive head" means the governor of the state of Arizona. 2. " Licensing authority"...
  • § 28-1852 Adoption Of Compact
    The driver license compact is entered into and enacted into law as follows: Driver License Compact Article I Findings and Declaration of Policy (a)...
  • § 28-1853 Exchange Of Information
    The licensing authority shall furnish to the appropriate authorities of any other party state any information or documents reasonably necessary to facilitate the administration...
  • § 28-1854 Compensation And Expenses Of Administrator
    The compact administrator provided for in article VII of the driver license compact is not entitled to any additional compensation because of the administrator's...
  • § 28-1855 Report By Courts And Agencies
    Any court, other agency or subdivision of a court or agency that has jurisdiction to take any action suspending, revoking or otherwise limiting a...

Article 4 Nonresident Violator Compact

  • § 28-1871 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Jurisdiction executive" means the governor of this state. 2. " Licensing authority" means the
  • § 28-1872 Adoption Of Compact
    The nonresident violator compact is adopted and enacted into law as follows: Nonresident Violator Compact Article I Findings, Declaration of Policy and Purpose (a)...
  • § 28-1873 Documents; Duties
    The licensing authority shall execute all documents and perform all acts necessary to enter into and to carry out the nonresident violator compact adopted...
  • § 28-1874 Compensation And Expenses Of Administrator
    The compact administrator of this state is not entitled to any additional compensation for the administrator's service but is eligible for reimbursement for expenses...

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Certificate of Title and Registration

Article 3 Salvage, Seizure and Dismantling of Vehicles

Article 4 Vehicle Liens and Encumbrances

Article 5 Registration Requirements Generally

Article 6 Fleet Registration

Article 7 International Proportional Registration

Article 8 Alternative Proportional Registration

Article 9 Nonresident Daily Commuter

Article 10 Nonresident Responsibility

Article 11 License Plates Generally

Article 12 Special Plates

Article 13 Honored Military License Plates

Article 14 License Plates for Vehicles of Historic Value

Article 15 Distinctive Vehicles

Article 16 Violations

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Advisory Entities

Article 3 Driver License Classes and Endorsements

Article 4 General Licensing Provisions

Article 5 Commercial Driver Licensing

Article 6 Regulation

Article 7 Defensive Driving School

Article 7.1 Traffic Survival Schools

Article 8 License Violations

Article 9 Vehicle Immobilization, Impoundment and Storage

Article 1 General Provisions

  • § 28-4001 Definitions
    In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Judgment" means a judgment that has become final by expiration without appeal of the...
  • § 28-4002 Director; Duties
    The director shall: 1. Administer and enforce this chapter. 2. Print for distribution to the public rules adopted to administer this chapter and furnish...
  • § 28-4003 Exceptions
    This chapter does not apply to a motor vehicle that is either: 1. Owned by the United States, this state or a political subdivision...
  • § 28-4004 Transfer Of Registration
    This chapter does not: 1. Prevent the owner of a motor vehicle whose registration has been suspended under this chapter from effecting a bona...
  • § 28-4005 Past Application
    This chapter does not apply to any accident or judgment arising from an accident or to a violation of the motor vehicle laws of...
  • § 28-4006 Legal Processes
    This chapter does not prevent the plaintiff in an action at law from relying for relief on the other processes provided by law.
  • § 28-4007 Self‑insurers
    A. Except as provided in subsection E of this section, a person in whose name more than ten motor vehicles are registered or who...
  • § 28-4008 Assigned Risk Plans
    A. After consultation with insurance companies authorized to issue motor vehicle liability policies in this state, the director of the department of insurance shall...
  • § 28-4009 Motor Vehicle Liability Policy Requirements
    A. An owner's motor vehicle liability policy shall comply with the following: 1. The policy shall designate by explicit description or by appropriate reference...
  • § 28-4010 Motor Vehicle Liability Policy; Primary And Excess Coverage
    A. If two or more policies affording valid and collectible motor vehicle liability insurance apply to the same motor vehicle that is involved in...
  • § 28-4011 Bonds; Motor Carriers; Amount; Failure Of Security
    A. A self-insurer or partial self-insurer shall file a bond with the director on a form approved by the director with a surety company...

Article 2 Transportation Financial Responsibility

Article 3 Proof of Financial Responsibility for the Future

Article 4 Mandatory Motor Vehicle Insurance

Article 1 General Provisions

  • § 28-4301 Definitions
    In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Area of responsibility" means the area surrounding an individual dealer that the factory designates...
  • § 28-4302 Fees; Disposition
    A. The following fees are required: 1. For filing each application for a dealer's, manufacturer's, importer's, distributor's, factory branch's, distributor branch's, automotive recycler's or...
  • § 28-4303 Administration
    The director shall supervise and regulate all persons required by this chapter to be licensed. In the supervision and regulation required by this section,...
  • § 28-4304 Dealer And Registration Monies; Deposit
    Monies collected by the director for the following shall be deposited in the state highway fund established by section 28-6991: 1. Civil penalties and...
  • § 28-4306 Jurisdiction; Service Of Process; Arbitration; Venue
    A. A court of this state may exercise jurisdiction over a manufacturer, corporation, importer or distributor that has been granted a license under this...
  • § 28-4307 Civil Damages
    A dealer who suffers a pecuniary loss or who is otherwise adversely affected because of a violation of this chapter by a manufacturer or...
  • § 28-4308 Prohibition; Applicability
    A. A manufacturer, distributor, factory branch, distributor branch, motor vehicle dealer or automotive recycler shall not engage in business except in accordance with the...

Article 2 Licensing Requirements

Article 3 Licensing Procedures

Article 4 Vehicle Dealer Requirements and Restrictions

Article 5 Franchise Regulation

Article 6 License Regulation

Article 7 Dealer and Manufacturer License Plates

Article 8 Violations

Article 9 Transporter License Plates

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Regulation

Article 3 Junk Vehicles

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

  • § 28-5201 Definitions
    In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Commercial motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles that is...
  • § 28-5202 Applicability
    A. Except as otherwise provided, this chapter applies to all commercial motor vehicles, commercial motor vehicle combinations and manufacturers, shippers, motor carriers and drivers...
  • § 28-5203 Motor Carrier Safety Revolving Fund
    A. A motor carrier safety revolving fund is established consisting of monies appropriated to the fund by the legislature, monies deposited pursuant to this...
  • § 28-5204 Administration And Enforcement; Rules
    A. In the administration and enforcement of this chapter, the department of transportation shall adopt: 1. Reasonable rules it deems proper governing the safety...

Article 2 Regulation

Chapter 15 FEES
Article 1 General Provisions

  • § 28-5401 Disposition Of Fees
    Except as otherwise provided by statute, the director shall immediately deposit, pursuant to sections 35-146 and 35-147, fees and taxes collected under this chapter...

Article 2 Gross Weight Fees

Article 3 Highway Use Fees

Article 4 Light Motor Vehicle Fee

Chapter 16 TAXES
Article 1 Motor Fuel Taxes

Article 2 Interstate User Fuel Tax Reponsibilities

Article 3 Vehicle License Tax

Article 4 Motor Carrier Fee

Article 5 Tax Administration

Article 6 Underground Storage Tank Tax

Article 1 Transportation Excise Tax Distribution in Highly Populated Counties

Article 2 Regional Transportation Plan

Article 3 Transportation Excise Tax Distribution in Less Populated Counties

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Specific Distributions

Article 1 County Highway Construction, Maintenance and Abandonment

Article 2 Bonds and County Highway Commission

Article 3 County Bridges

Article 4 Toll Roads, Ferries and Bridges

Article 1 General Provisions

  • § 28-6901 Definitions
    In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Budget" means the annual highway program prepared by the department. 2. " Division" means...

Article 2 Highway Division

Article 3 Five Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program

Article 4 State Highway Fund and Budget

Article 5 State Highways and Routes

Article 6 Land Purchase, Sale and Condemnation

Article 7 Relocation Assistance

Article 8 Disposition of Public Roadways

Article 9 Bridges

Article 10 Economic Strength Projects

Article 11 Tourist Advertising

Article 12 Cooperative National Highway Aid Agreements

Article 13 Alternative Contracting Procedures

Article 14 Broadband Conduit Installation

Article 1 State Highway Fund Bonds

Article 2 Regional Area Road Fund Bonds

Article 3 Grant Anticipation Notes

Article 4 Bonds Secured by Bridge Construction or Highway Improvement Revenues

Article 5 Highway Expansion and Extension Loan Program

Article 6 Highway Project Advancement Notes

Article 7 Transportation Project Advancement Notes

Article 1 General Provisions

  • § 28-7701 Definitions
    In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Concession" means any lease, ground lease, franchise, easement, permit or other binding agreement transferring...
  • § 28-7702 Rules And Guidelines
    The department shall adopt such rules or guidelines as it determines necessary to carry out this chapter.
  • § 28-7703 Project Delivery Methods
    The department shall provide for the development or operation of eligible facilities using a variety of project delivery methods and forms of agreement. The...
  • § 28-7704 Procurements
    A. The department: 1. May procure services under this chapter using any of the following: (a) Requests for project proposals in which the department...
  • § 28-7704.01 Evaluation Criteria
    Before entering into a public-private partnership or other agreement for any eligible facility under this chapter, the department shall consider the following factors: 1....
  • § 28-7705 Public-Private Partnership Agreements
    A. In any public-private partnership or other agreement for any eligible facility under this chapter, the department may include provisions that: 1. Authorize the...
  • § 28-7706 Funding And Financing
    A. Any lawful source of funding may be used for the development or operation of an eligible facility under this chapter, including: 1. The...
  • § 28-7707 Confidentiality And Public Disclosure
    A. A proposer shall identify those portions of a proposal or other submission that the proposer considers to be trade secrets or confidential commercial,...
  • § 28-7708 Government Agreements
    Either separately or in combination with any other public sector partner, this state may enter into working agreements, coordination agreements or similar implementation agreements.
  • § 28-7709 Eminent Domain
    This state may exercise the power of eminent domain to acquire property, rights-of-way or other rights in property for projects that are necessary to...
  • § 28-7710 Federal Laws And Severability
    A. If no federal monies are used on an eligible facility, the laws of this state, including this chapter, govern. Notwithstanding any other provision...

Article 2 Toll Collection and Enforcement

Article 1 Advertising Regulation

Article 2 Junkyards

Article 2 Public Transportation Assistance

Chapter 25 AVIATION
Article 1 General Provisions

  • § 28-8201 Definitions
    In this article and articles 2 through 5 of this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Aeronaut" includes any aviator, pilot, balloonist...
  • § 28-8202 State Aviation Fund
    A. A state aviation fund is established consisting of the following: 1. Aviation fuel taxes or motor vehicle fuel taxes deposited by the department....
  • § 28-8204 State Owned Airports; Fees
    The director may establish fees for use of state owned airports and appurtenant facilities, including the following: 1. Landing and takeoff for commercial aircraft....
  • § 28-8205 Construction Of New Airports; Definitions
    A. A new airport shall not be constructed within the boundaries of an urbanized area or within twenty-four statute miles of the exterior boundary...
  • § 28-8206 Sovereignty
    This state has sovereignty in space above land and water of this state, unless sovereignty is granted to and assumed by the United States...
  • § 28-8207 Ownership
    Ownership of space above land and water of this state is vested in the several owners of the surface beneath, subject to the right...
  • § 28-8208 Crimes, Torts And Other Wrongs; Governing Law
    A. Any crime, tort or other wrong that is committed by or against an aeronaut or passenger while in flight over this state is...
  • § 28-8209 Legal Relationships While In Flight
    Any contractual or other legal relationship entered into by aeronauts or passengers while in flight over this state have the same effect as if...
  • § 28-8210 Civil Air Patrol; Federal Monies
    Notwithstanding any other law, the civil air patrol may receive monies directly or indirectly from the United States department of homeland security.

Article 2 Aeronautics Division

  • § 28-8241 Aeronautics Division; Assistant Director
    A. An assistant director for aeronautics who has an aeronautical background shall administer the aeronautics division of the department. B. The compensation of the...
  • § 28-8242 Powers And Duties
    A. The department: 1. Shall cooperate with all state, local and federal organizations to encourage and advance the safe and orderly development of aviation...
  • § 28-8243 Abandoned Aircraft; Definition
    A. A person shall not abandon an aircraft on property of another. B. A peace officer who has reasonable grounds to believe that an...
  • § 28-8244 Hearing; Appeal
    A. A person who is aggrieved by a decision made within the department pursuant to this article or article 1, 3, 4 or 5...

Article 3 Aircraft Operation

Article 4 Aircraft Registration and Taxation

Article 5 Aircraft Dealers

Article 6 Airports in General

Article 7 Airport Zoning and Regulation

Article 8 Joint Powers Airport Authority

Article 1 Formation and Dissolution

  • § 28-9101 Definitions
    In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Authority" means an intergovernmental public transportation authority established pursuant to this chapter. 2. "...
  • § 28-9102 Formation
    A. An intergovernmental public transportation authority may be organized as provided by this section in any county with a population of two hundred thousand...
  • § 28-9103 Corporate Existence; Rights And Immunities; Official Name
    A. An authority is a corporate body and political subdivision of this state that may act in its official corporate name and has all...
  • § 28-9104 Dissolution
    A. A majority of the board of directors of an authority may propose that the authority be dissolved, but only if all contractual obligations...

Article 2 Powers and Duties

Article 3 Financing

  • § 28-9141 Authority Treasurer
    The authority shall appoint an authority treasurer or may enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the county treasurer to provide financial services for the
  • § 28-9142 Public Transportation Authority Fund
    A. The authority treasurer shall maintain a public transportation authority fund consisting of all monies received by the authority including: 1. Monies appropriated or...
  • § 28-9143 Annual Budget
    A. No later than June 30 of each year the board of directors shall hold a public hearing to adopt and submit to the...

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Regulation

Article 3 Transportation Network Companies

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