Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1455 Powers And Duties

3-1455. Powers and duties

A. The division shall:

1. Receive applications for feed lot licenses and issue licenses to qualifying applicants.

2. Enforce rules pertaining to the operation of feed lots within the framework of the standards set forth in this article.

3. With the director's concurrence, adopt rules of procedure for the administration and enforcement of this article.

4. Prepare, design and have printed application forms for feed lot licenses which shall provide adequate information upon which to base its decision concerning issuance of such license.

5. Keep, maintain and compile all necessary records and information pertaining to the administration of this article.

6. Investigate complaints concerning the operation of feed lots when an operator of such feed lot is charged with any violation of the provisions of this article.

B. The division may:

1. Undertake, carry out and cooperate in research studies, investigations and surveys needed and required for proper administration.

2. Enter upon feed lot premises at reasonable hours to investigate methods of operation and to determine whether or not the operation of such lot is in compliance with the provisions of this article and rules adopted in accordance with this article.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016