Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-2695 Collecting Dead Stock By Tallow And Rendering Companies

3-2695. Collecting dead stock by tallow and rendering companies

A. Any person, tallow company or rendering plant removing dead stock to its place of business shall make a report on a form provided by the department and pursuant to rules the director may prescribe to prevent the use of these animals or the products of these animals for human food purposes. On this report the driver or person in charge of the truck working out of the plant, or the person receiving the call to collect the dead stock, shall show the following information and any other information as the director may prescribe by rule:

1. Date of removal.

2. Name, address and telephone number, if any, of the person requesting removal of dead stock, and of the owner of the stock, if known.

3. Location and description of dead stock.

4. Name of the company receiving the dead stock.

5. Name of the person making the report.

6. Date of the report.

B. The original of the report shall be submitted to the department.

C. No meat or meat food product processed or packed by any rendering plant or tallow company shall be traded or sold for human or animal consumption except meat from dead livestock processed for use as animal food under rules prescribed by the director and sterilized meat scrap or tankage that may be used as animal feed supplement in compliance with federal regulations.

D. Notwithstanding title 36, chapter 8, article 1, prohibiting the use of meat from an animal that has died other than by slaughter for animal food, any such meat may be used for animal food if processed as provided in subsection C.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016