Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-2903 Regulatory Powers Of The Director

3-2903. Regulatory powers of the director

The director may:

1. Regulate the transportation, possession, sale, processing and fee fishing of aquatic animals and plants and establish licensing categories and programs for these activities as provided by this article.

2. Adopt rules as necessary to administer and enforce this article, including rules relating to:

(a) Container labels, bills of lading, bills of sale and similar documents that identify contents, quality and quantities of aquatic products, including the names, addresses and other identification of shippers, producers and buyers of aquatic products.

(b) Identification of aquatic animals that are transported whole by the consumer from a fee fishing facility.

3. Cooperate with agencies of the United States and of this state to promote the exchange of information and avoid unnecessary duplication of services and regulation. The director shall ensure that the rules adopted under this article shall not impair enforcement of restricted live wildlife rules as promulgated pursuant to title 17.

4. Cooperate with agencies of the United States and this state and universities and other academic and research institutions to promote research and the exchange of information to support and promote the interests of aquaculture.

5. Establish programs to publicize and promote the development of the aquaculture industry in this state.

6. Establish a schedule of fees to compensate for the expense of administering this article, including personnel costs. The amount of each fee shall be set according to the cost of the specific activity for which the fee is imposed.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016