Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-2905 Inspections And Certification Of Facilities

3-2905. Inspections and certification of facilities

A. The department shall establish a schedule of periodic inspections of all licensed facilities to determine and verify compliance with this article and the rules adopted under this article. By applying for and obtaining a license under this article, the licensee is deemed to consent to such periodic inspections. In addition, the director or the director's authorized representative may enter private property at any reasonable time to inspect, obtain factual data and otherwise ascertain compliance with or violations of this article. Inspections shall be on reasonable notice to the owner or manager of the facility unless reasonable grounds exist to believe that such notice would impair the enforcement of this article. If required by law, the director shall obtain a warrant for such unscheduled entry and inspection.

B. On request, and with payment of the prescribed fee, the department shall physically inspect an aquatic animal facility for infectious diseases and causative agents. The inspector shall be approved by the director. If the inspector determines that the facility is free of restrictive infectious diseases and causative agents, the inspector shall issue to the facility a certificate to that effect within ten days after completing the inspection. The certificate is valid for one year from the date of the inspection.

C. On request and without charge the department shall provide a certificate that an aquaculture facility has been inspected and certified free of restrictive diseases and causative agents within the preceding twelve months. Each shipment or lot shall be accompanied by a certificate identifying the shipment. This subsection does not apply to the transportation of live baitfish for personal use that complies with applicable rules of the game and fish commission.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016