Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-3454 License Required As Registered Service Agency Or Registered Service Representative; Qualifications; Application; Fees; Renewal

3-3454. License required as registered service agency or registered service representative; qualifications; application; fees; renewal

(L15, Ch. 244, sec. 13. Eff. 7/1/16)

A. A person shall not operate as a registered service agency or as a registered service representative until a license is issued as provided in this section.

B. An applicant for a registered service agency license shall:

1. Submit application information satisfactory to the division.

2. Comply with section 3-3416, subsection E or provide evidence that the applicant's vapor recovery test equipment has been certified by the manufacturer of the equipment within one year of the date of the application or as deemed appropriate by the division.

3. Pay all required fees.

C. An applicant for a registered service representative license shall:

1. Demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of all appropriate weights and measures laws, orders and rules.

2. Demonstrate to the division that the applicant has possession of, or has available for use, weights and testing equipment appropriate in design and adequate in amount.

3. Demonstrate the necessary knowledge, training and experience regarding appropriate standards and testing equipment to service commercial devices, vapor recovery systems or vapor recovery components.

4. Pass the required examination administered by the division.

5. Pay all required fees.

D. An application for a registered service agency or registered service representative license shall be submitted by the applicant to the division on a form prescribed and furnished by the division. The division shall issue a registered service agency or registered service representative license for a period of twelve calendar months. The license expires on the first day of the month and year indicated on the license. Each license shall contain, among other information, a license number. A registered service agency license shall be posted at the licensed business location in a manner that provides the division access to the license during normal business hours. While performing the duties of a registered service representative, a registered service representative shall have a registered service representative's license in the registered service representative's possession.

E. If a licensee submits a license renewal application to the division before the date of expiration of the current license, together with the prescribed renewal fee, the existing license shall be valid for thirty days following its expiration date, or until issuance of the renewal license, whichever occurs first.

F. The associate director shall publish, from time to time as the director deems appropriate, and may supply on request, lists of registered service representatives and registered service agencies.

G. Each registered service representative license issued by the division shall indicate the type of service approved by the division for the licensee.

H. A registered service agency shall use forms and related procedures prescribed by the division in the performance of its duties. A registered service agency shall keep a legible copy of each form used for at least the time period prescribed by the division in its rules. Copies of the forms shall be available during normal business hours for inspection by the division.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016