Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-3472 Revocation Or Suspension Of Licenses; Procedure; Judicial Review

3-3472. Revocation or suspension of licenses; procedure; judicial review

(L15, Ch. 244, sec. 15. Eff. 7/1/16)

A. Except as otherwise provided by this section, any proceeding to revoke or suspend a license issued pursuant to this chapter shall be conducted in accordance with title 41, chapter 6, article 10.

B. The associate director may initiate proceedings for revocation or suspension of a license issued pursuant to this chapter on the associate director's own motion or on a verified complaint for noncompliance with or a violation of this chapter or of any rule adopted pursuant to this chapter.

C. If, after having been served with the notice of hearing as provided for in title 41, chapter 6, article 10, the licensee fails to appear at the hearing and defend, the division shall proceed to hear evidence against the licensee and shall enter such order as is justified by the evidence, which order shall be final unless the licensee petitions for a review as provided in title 41, chapter 6, article 10.

D. At all hearings the attorney general of this state, one of the attorney general's assistants, or a special assistant designated by the attorney general shall appear and represent the division.

E. Except as provided in section 41-1092.08, subsection H, any final administrative decision made pursuant to this chapter is subject to judicial review pursuant to title 12, chapter 7, article 6.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016