Arizona Revised Statutes § 35-193.02 Special Services Revolving Fund; Contents; Administration; Annual Excess Reversion

35-193.02. Special services revolving fund; contents; administration; annual excess reversion

A. There is established a permanent revolving fund to be known as the department of administration special services revolving fund. The services covered by this fund shall include office supplies, office services, printing and other administrative or management services. Payments into the fund shall be made by state agencies which have been appropriated monies for the purpose of paying for services performed by the department of administration for other state agencies or to be performed by the department and for such other purposes as may be designated by the legislature. That portion of the monies in the fund used by the department of administration to administer the central office management for self-supporting regulatory agencies is subject to legislative appropriation. The amount of payments by the agencies shall not exceed the amounts budgeted to the agencies for such designated purposes.

B. The monies shall be expended only on authorization of the director of the department of administration.

C. The director shall adopt rules regarding the time and manner in which payment shall be made into the fund by the state agencies to which appropriations are made in accordance with subsection A.

D. Any amounts in excess of two hundred fifty thousand dollars in the revolving fund at the close of the fiscal year shall revert to the state general fund.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016