Arizona Revised Statutes § 35-193 Revolving Funds

35-193. Revolving funds

A. The supervisory official of a budget unit may apply to the department of administration to provide a revolving fund in an amount which will allow the budget unit to pay operating expense items under procedures prescribed by the department of administration.

B. The application for a revolving fund shall state the purposes for which required, the amount deemed necessary, the particular person who shall have custody of and be charged with the handling and accounting of the fund and the appropriation or other fund to which the revolving fund is to be charged.

C. The department of administration shall review the application as to purpose and reasonableness of amount requested and if acceptable may draw a warrant to the order of the officer applying therefor, and charge the amount thereof against the appropriation or other fund of that budget unit as requested.

D. The manner of accounting for a revolving fund shall be as prescribed by the director of the department of administration. A revolving fund established under this section does not revert to the state general fund at the end of the fiscal year.

E. At the request of the director of the department of administration, the applicant shall return to the state treasurer the full amount of the revolving fund or amount requested and no claims for services of the officer applying therefor or the head of the budget unit shall be paid until such request has been complied with.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016