Arizona Revised Statutes Title 47 - Uniform Commercial Code

Article 1 Short Title, Construction, Application and Subject Matter of the Title

Article 2 General Definitions and Principles of Interpretation

  • § 47-1201 General Definitions
    A. Unless the context otherwise requires, words or phrases defined in this section, or in the additional definitions contained in other chapters of this...
  • § 47-1202 Notice; Knowledge
    A. Subject to subsection F, a person has " notice" of a fact if the person: 1. Has actual knowledge of it; 2. Has...
  • § 47-1203 Lease Distinguished From Security Interest
    A. Whether a transaction in the form of a lease creates a lease or security interest is determined by the facts of each case....
  • § 47-1204 Value
    Except as otherwise provided in chapters 3, 4 and 5 of this title, a person gives value for rights if the person acquires them:...
  • § 47-1205 Reasonable Time; "Seasonably"
    A. Whether a time for taking an action required by this title is reasonable depends on the nature, purpose and circumstances of the action....
  • § 47-1206 Presumptions
    Whenever this title creates a " presumption" with respect to a fact, or provides that a fact is " presumed" , the trier of...

Article 3 Territorial Applicability and General Rules

Chapter 2 SALES
Article 1 Short Title, General Construction and Subject Matter

Article 2 Form, Formation and Readjustment of Contract

Article 3 General Obligation and Construction of Contract

Article 4 Title, Creditors and Good Faith Purchases

Article 5 Performance

Article 6 Breach, Repudiation and Excuse

Article 7 Remedies

Chapter 2 LEASES
Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Formation and Construction of Lease Contract

Article 3 Effect of Lease Contract

Article 4 Performance of Lease Contract Repudiated, Substituted and Excused

Article 5 Default

Article 1 General Provisions and Definitions

Article 2 Negotiation, Transfer and Indorsement

Article 3 Enforcement of Instruments

Article 4 Liability of Parties

Article 5 Dishonor

  • § 47-3501 Presentment
    A. " Presentment" means a demand made by or on behalf of a person entitled to enforce an instrument: 1. To pay the instrument...
  • § 47-3502 Dishonor
    A. Dishonor of a note is governed by the following rules: 1. If the note is payable on demand, the note is dishonored if...
  • § 47-3503 Notice Of Dishonor
    A. The obligation of an indorser stated in section 47-3415, subsection A and the obligation of a drawer stated in section 47-3414, subsection D...
  • § 47-3504 Excused Presentment And Notice Of Dishonor
    A. Presentment for payment or acceptance of an instrument is excused if: 1. The person entitled to present the instrument cannot with reasonable diligence...
  • § 47-3505 Evidence Of Dishonor
    A. The following are admissible as evidence and create a presumption of dishonor and of any notice of dishonor stated: 1. A document regular...

Article 6 Discharge and Payment

Article 1 General Provisions and Definitions

Article 2 Collection of Items; Depositary and Collecting Banks

Article 3 Collection of Items; Payor Banks

Article 4 Relationship Between Payor Bank and Its Customer

Article 5 Collection of Documentary Drafts

Article 1 Subject Matter and Definitions

Article 2 Issue and Acceptance of Payment Order

Article 3 Execution of Sender's Payment Order by Receiving Bank

Article 4 Payment

Article 5 Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 1 General

Article 2 Warehouse Receipts: Special Provisions

Article 3 Bills of Lading: Special Provisions

Article 4 Warehouse Receipts and Bills of Lading: General Obligations

Article 5 Warehouse Receipts and Bills of Lading: Negotiation and Transfer

Article 6 Warehouse Receipts and Bills of Lading: Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 7 Miscellaneous Provisions

  • § 47-7703 Applicability
    This chapter applies to a document of title that is issued or a bailment that arises on or after the effective date of this...
  • § 47-7704 Savings Clause
    A document of title issued or a bailment that arises before the effective date of this chapter and the rights, obligations and interests flowing...

Article 1 Short Title and General Matters

Article 2 Issue and Issuer

Article 3 Transfer of Certificated and Uncertificated Securities

Article 4 Registration

Article 5 Security Entitlements

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Effectiveness of Security Agreement, Attachment of Security Interest and Rights of Parties to Security Agreement

Article 3 Perfection and Priority

Article 4 Rights of Third Parties

Article 5 Filing

Article 6 Default

Article 7 2001 Transition

Article 8 2014 Transition

Last modified: October 13, 2016