Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-1243 Drinking Water Revolving Fund; Purposes; Capitalization Grants

49-1243. Drinking water revolving fund; purposes; capitalization grants

A. Monies in the drinking water revolving fund may be used for the following purposes:

1. Making drinking water facility loans including forgivable principal to political subdivisions of this state, Indian tribes under section 49-1245 and other eligible entities as determined by the board pursuant to the safe drinking water act.

2. Making drinking water facility loans under section 49-1244.

3. Purchasing or refinancing debt obligations of drinking water facilities at or below market rate if the debt obligation was issued after July 1, 1993 for the purpose of constructing, acquiring or improving drinking water facilities.

4. Providing financial assistance to drinking water facilities to purchase insurance for local drinking water facility bond obligations.

5. Paying the costs to administer the fund but not more than four per cent of the aggregate of federal capitalization grants may be used to pay these costs. Monies from other sources may be used without limit to pay these costs.

6. Funding other programs that are authorized pursuant to the safe drinking water act.

7. Providing linked deposit guarantees through third party lenders by depositing monies with the lender on the condition that the lender make a loan on terms approved by the board, at a rate of return on the deposit approved by the board and the state treasurer and by giving the lender recourse against the deposit of loan repayments that are not made when due.

B. If the monies pledged to secure water quality bonds become insufficient to pay the principal and interest on the water quality bonds guaranteed by the drinking water revolving fund, the board shall direct the state treasurer to liquidate securities in the fund as may be necessary and shall apply those proceeds to make current all payments then due on the bonds. The state treasurer shall immediately notify the attorney general and auditor general of the insufficiency. The auditor general shall audit the circumstances surrounding the depletion of the fund and report the findings to the attorney general. The attorney general shall conduct an investigation and report those findings to the governor and the legislature.

C. All proceeds of capitalization grants received from the United States pursuant to the safe drinking water act shall be deposited in the capitalization grant transfer account and shall be used solely to make loans to drinking water facilities to construct, acquire, restore or rebuild these facilities, to purchase bond insurance or for any other purpose permitted by the safe drinking water act. All principal received on loan repayments made by borrowers under this section shall be deposited in the drinking water revolving fund and shall be invested, used to provide financial assistance or used to support the administration of the fund subject to the limits defined in the safe drinking water act.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016