Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-1244 Drinking Water Revolving Fund Financial Assistance; Procedures

49-1244. Drinking water revolving fund financial assistance; procedures

A. In compliance with any applicable requirements, a drinking water facility may apply to the authority for and accept and incur indebtedness as a result of a loan or any other financial assistance pursuant to section 49-1243, subsection A, paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 from the drinking water revolving fund to construct, acquire or improve a drinking water facility. To qualify for financial assistance pursuant to this section, the drinking water facility must appear on this state's priority list pursuant to the safe drinking water act.

B. In compliance with any applicable requirements, the board shall:

1. Prescribe a simplified form and procedure to apply for and approve assistance.

2. Establish by rule criteria by which assistance will be awarded, including requirements for local participation in project costs, if deemed advisable. The criteria shall include a determination of the ability of the applicant to repay a loan according to the terms and conditions established by this section. At the option of the board, the existence of a current investment grade rating on existing debt of the applicant that is secured by the same revenues to be pledged to secure repayment under the loan repayment agreement constitutes evidence regarding ability to repay a loan.

3. Determine the order and priority of projects assisted under this section based on the merits of the application with respect to water quality issues.

C. The authority shall review on its merits each application received and shall inform the applicant of the board's determination within ninety days after receipt of a complete and correct application. If the application is not approved, the board shall notify the applicant, stating the reasons. If the application is approved, the board may condition the approval on assurances the board deems necessary to ensure that the financial assistance will be used according to law and the terms of the application.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016