Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-1261 Water Quality Bonds

49-1261. Water quality bonds

A. The authority, through the board of directors, may issue negotiable water quality bonds in a principal amount that in its opinion is necessary to provide sufficient monies for financial assistance under this article, maintaining sufficient reserves to secure the bonds, to pay the necessary costs of issuing, selling and redeeming the bonds and to pay other expenditures of the authority incidental to and necessary and convenient to carry out the purposes of this article.

B. The board must authorize the bonds by resolution. The resolution shall prescribe:

1. The rate or rates of interest and the denominations of the bonds.

2. The date or dates of the bonds and maturity.

3. The coupon or registered form of the bonds.

4. The manner of executing the bonds.

5. The medium and place of payment.

6. The terms of redemption.

C. The bonds shall be sold at public or private sale at the price and on the terms determined by the board. All proceeds from the issuance of bonds shall be deposited in the appropriate accounts of the funds administered by the board.

D. The board shall publish a notice of its intention to issue bonds under this article for at least five consecutive days in a newspaper published in this state. The last day of publication must be at least ten days before issuing the bonds. The notice shall state the amount of the bonds to be sold and the intended date of issuance. A copy of the notice shall be hand delivered or sent, by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the director of the department of administration on or before the last day of publication.

E. To secure any bonds authorized by this section, the board by resolution may:

1. Provide that bonds issued under this section may be secured by a first lien on all or part of the monies paid into the appropriate account or subaccount of the funds administered by the authority.

2. Pledge or assign to or in trust for the benefit of the holder or holders of the bonds any part or appropriate account or subaccount of the monies in the funds as is necessary to pay the principal and interest of the bonds as they come due.

3. Set aside, regulate and dispose of reserves and sinking funds.

4. Provide that sufficient amounts of the proceeds from the sale of the bonds may be used to fully or partly fund any reserves or sinking funds set up by the bond resolution.

5. Prescribe the procedure, if any, by which the terms of any contract with bondholders may be amended or abrogated, the amount of bonds the holders of which must consent to and the manner in which consent may be given.

6. Provide for payment from the proceeds of the sale of the bonds of all legal and financial expenses incurred by the board in issuing, selling, delivering and paying the bonds.

7. Do any other matters that in any way may affect the security and protection of the bonds.

F. The members of the board or any person executing the bonds are not personally liable for the payment of the bonds. The bonds are valid and binding obligations notwithstanding that before the delivery of the bonds any of the persons whose signatures appear on the bonds cease to be members of the board. From and after the sale and delivery of the bonds, they are incontestable by the board.

G. The board, out of any available monies, may purchase bonds, which may be canceled, at a price not exceeding either of the following:

1. If the bonds are then redeemable, the redemption price then applicable plus accrued interest to the next interest payment date.

2. If the bonds are not then redeemable, the redemption price applicable on the first date after purchase on which the bonds become subject to redemption plus accrued interest to that date.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016